Monday, December 6, 2010

Good news for people who hate weddings

There's a lot to hate about weddings lately. A lot of annoying celebrities have gotten married, are getting married, or are talking about getting married. Who? Katy Perry and Russel Brand had some let's-pretend-we're-ethnic-and-spiritual-wedding, Michael Buble and Jessica Simpson got engaged (not to each other), and there are still new rumors about ~Brangelina~ every other day. Even boring Mandy Moore has admitted that she's more boring than before. You *might* have heard that formerly-attractive Prince William got enga...Hey, are you yawning? I'm not done. Prince William got engaged, and England's tabloids EXPLODED. Finally, there's a disgusting show called Bridalplasty where women compete like dogs to have all of their imperfections smoothed, nipped, and tucked. I'm hating weddings more than ever right now, and I'm at a loss for topics that don't piss me off.

This really makes me a little sick inside.



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