Monday, January 10, 2011


This is how I feel all the time:

With apologies to Hyperbole and a Half

How long has it been since I posted cake porn? Well, the dry spell has passed. CAKE:

Look at this gorgeous cake with white-on-white branches and fat peonies. I seriously want to, like, lick this cake. And rub my face all over the peonies. I wonder if they're fondant?

I like the cake sans-topper too. This is a really nice, balanced design, and the white cake stand compliments it so well.

Now, to completely change theme, here's a Giger-inspired Alien cake.

It's so creepy, and yet comical with the little dudes on top in their wedding finery. Topless Robot calls this post "In cake no one can hear you scream"

Still in the mood for geeky stuff? How about this adorable Pac-Man cake. Pac-Man is really making a comeback right now; I feel like he's showing up everywhere. This cake features Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man on top with ghosts along the sides of the tiers. I wonder if there are cherries on the back?
Suggestion for anyone making a Pac-Man cake - use cherries for the filling. Ha!
The Domestic Scientist made this cake for a friend's wedding. Sadly, she says that the cake dry, but I'll bet that most people were just bummed out about pooping green the day after eating this. Ever eaten a cake with black food coloring?
I'm not super girly, but this cake brings out the parasol-toting, frilly dress wearing side of me. It's so beautiful and ruffly and pretty. WANT.
I loooove the rounded edges of the tiers, the Victorian off-white cake plate, and the soft, simple flowers. It doesn't say if the cake is frosting or fondant. I hope it's frosting. Imagine that smell. Mmm...cake.
Are there any grown men who don't love Batman? I don't know of any, so I'll assume that this is the wedding cake of every man's dreams.
This cake has Batman, Catwoman, Joker, Poison Ivy, Penguin (Mr. Cobblepot, I presume?), and Harley running around the blood-spattered streets of Gotham City.

I'm full.
Kay Banks

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