Friday, January 28, 2011

Juggalo wedding

How much do you know about the Insane Clown Posse? For the uninitiated, here's my limited understanding: the Insane Clown Posse (or ICP) is a born-again Christian rap band that dresses like clowns and has a ravenous fan base called "juggalos". Juggalos seem to be a kind of second brother/sisterhood for outcasts, weirdies, and other people who don't fit in with normie stuff.

This is a Yahoo Answers question from "Metalette Razy" asking for suggestions for her Hatchet-themed wedding. Hatchets are an ICP thing (I've been told).

Click the image for a larger view

Not surprisingly, people are rude to her and generally tell her nothing helpful, but rather that she's an idiot and her marriage won't last. Sounds like the Internet.

I'm not certain that this photo is related, but it might be related to the woman asking for help with her Hatchet wedding:

An Insane Clown Posse wedding cake with Faygo soda (a fave of the ICP fans), a butcher knife, Juggalo/ette cake topper, and little hatchets adorning the cakes.

I don't fully understand the ICP thing, and I'm terrified of clowns, but I love this crazy cake, and crazy themed weddings in general.

If you're still intrigued by ICP weddings, check out this video. It's not particularly eventful, but it looks like everyone is having fun. If you need a group of fierce friends, it seems like you should become an ICP fan.

Want to learn more about the Insane Clown Posse? Listen to this ICP lecture given by Jenny. She knows a lot about a lot of things.

Kay Banks


  1. Oi, boa tarde, me chamo Barbara,escrevo do Brasil (Rio de Janeiro)...
    Queria dizer que amei seu blog, principalmente os post antigos sobre o programa Rupaul Corrida das loucas,pois só agora está passando aqui nas terras tupiniquins e que eu amo!...
    Sempre que puder passarei aqui para te prestigiar e conferir as novidades, gostei de verdade...

  2. Sorry to have written in Portuguese, is the lack of habit

  3. Hi Barbara - no worries! I don't speak Portuguese, but it looks like you like RuPaul's Drag Race too. The awesomeness of RuPaul has no language boundaries!


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