Friday, January 21, 2011

Villagers celebrate snake wedding

Those snakes. Always ruining the sanctity of marriage with their...showy snakiness.

Villagers in Cambodia have celebrated the wedding of two "magic" snakes. Hundreds of people travelled to the two-hour ceremony in Svay Rolum yesterday where 4.8m, 90kg female python Chamrouen was wed to her slightly smaller male mate Kroung Pich, The AP reports.

Funny snake cake toppers Oh, the Internet, I love you.

A pair of Buddhist monks blessed the reptiles and the villagers showered them with flowers as music played. Chamrouen's owner Neth Vy, 41, said: "We married these pythons to ask for health and prosperity in our village. We were told [by fortunetellers] that the two pythons are husband and wife and they need to live together, and if we don't marry them we will meet bad luck."

He added that the family had been bestowed with good fortune and improved living conditions since the snake had become part of the household.

Magic snakes. The innuendo possibilities are winking suggestively, so I'll just say...

Have a great weekend!

Kay Banks

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