Monday, March 7, 2011

Costco to carry wedding gowns

Do you love Costco like I do? I've heard that they do wedding stuff, but I thought it was just flowers, jewelry, and invitations; apparently they've branched out into the world of wedding gowns.

Loyal Costco customers know the warehouse chain carries just about everything, but some shoppers were still caught off guard by a new display of wedding gowns at a Nevada Costco.

The discount giant is trying its hand in the wedding boutique businesses with a pilot program in Reno and a traveling trunk show, complete with special dressing rooms for trying on wedding gowns.

Brides will have six Kirstie Kelly Signature wedding dresses to choose from.

"Kirstie Kelly has been designing couture dresses for socialites and celebrities for decades, and she wanted to share that same inspiration with women everywhere," said Heather Gordon, a spokeswoman for the bridal line. "The gowns start at about 40 percent off of retail."

Prices range from $699 to $1,399, and sizes run from 2 through 24.

Costco already sells engagement rings, flowers, cakes and honeymoon packages. If the pilot program is successful, wedding gowns could become a staple too.

Even with special dressing rooms, would you try on a wedding gown at Costco? I would because it would probably be a huge savings, and that's worth stripping down to my knickers in fluorescent lighting, right? There are only six dresses to choose from right now, but most gown shops won't let you try on every gown in the store anyway. Will Costco become a wedding giant? Has anyone else seen Idiocracy? "Welcome to Costco...I love you"


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