Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Court bans groom from talking to bride and best man

I kind of love these crazy, rampaging bride and groom stories, and this one strikes me as particularly funny/awful. A couple's wedding plans lie in tatters after a sheriff banned the groom from talking to his bride and best man. The order came after Billy Stupart, 28, was arrested over a stag-night bust-up with the pair about a stripper. The former Black Watch soldier is due to marry hairdresser Fiona Soutar, 30, in a fortnight [that's two weeks American]. Friend Christopher Strachan, 28, is his best man. The bride and groom had been on separate nights out on Saturday when they returned to the flat they share in Dundee, along with the best man. All three had been drinking and a row broke out between Strachan and Stupart over the latter's reluctance to visit a stripper, which ended with Fiona calling the police. Stupart spent the weekend in the cells. He appeared at the city's sheriff court on Monday and denied three charges of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner towards Fiona by shouting, swearing, threatening violence and throwing a bottle, assaulting Christopher by repeatedly punching him on the head and assaulting Fiona and throwing a bottle at her. Story and funny picture via Arbroath Sheriff Tom Hughes bailed Stupart but warned him not to contact either of them before his next court date on May 4. Fiona contacted the court to say the wedding was still on and she was happy for Stupart to return to their flat. But the sheriff refused to listen. They admitted they had argued but Stupart said: "It's all been blown out of proportion. Everything has been booked and it has cost thousands. The sheriff could easily have relaxed bail conditions. Many of our guests have made arrangements to get to the ceremony. "I have never been in any trouble before and I think the sheriff is being very heavyhanded with us. We are appealing the bail conditions. If that doesn't doesn't, everything will be cancelled." Fiona said: "We'd hoped the sheriff might have shown us a bit of leniency." Stupart added: "Chris is my best friend and will still definitely be my best man, whatever happens." The couple said they have invited 180 guests to their big day. A honeymoon to Portugal has also been paid for. A trial date has been set for May 20. Basically, this wedding is completely screwed because the judge doesn't care about their wedding plans. The article doesn't say if they have previous domestic issues. This is a bad case of "I wish I hadn't done that when I was drunk". -KB

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