Friday, April 1, 2011

Heidi and Spencer's wedding pictures

Heidi and Spencer's entire shtick was a big April Fool's Day joke on the world, so it seems like a good topic for today - the day of internet trickery. If you don't already know, Heidi and Spencer are from an Mtv reality show. They are really dumb, but they were smart enough to know that a crazy trainwreck would make them famous, so they wrecked their trains clumsily. She got so much plastic surgery that she looks like she's 40 (even though she's in her 20s), and he did us all a favor and fell off the planet. I don't even know if they're still married, and I'm not willing to Google it. I just thought it'd be funny to remind you of them today. Here's their wedding. I think they got married twice. I love the dark-haired dudes in the back row. They hate this more than I do. Here they are cutting their cake. It looks like a buttercream cake instead of a fondant cake - I am impressed. I would bet solid money that Heidi's white sweatsuit has "BRIDE" or "MRS. [Guy's last name]" in rhinestones on the back somewhere. This is a completely legitimate, non-staged paparazzi photo of them on their honeymoon. There was a bird flu scare (H1N1 scare?) at the time. Another candid shot of the two. This is just how they are when they're alone.

This is my favorite. I forget what the situation is here, but she's really upset about something, and the photographer just happened to catch her as she was sitting outside wearing designer clothing and crying about a very personal incident. On a chair in the middle of a sidewalk.

For all I know, they're perfectly nice people. I don't really care.


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