Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pregnant bride on a knife-throwing rampage

She did not want to be on camera after she left a Ferndale courtroom, but the police say there is no hiding what she did last week in her home.

Officers say Jenna Spraggins hurled knives at her mom and fiancé because she was upset she had not received an engagement ring from her boyfriend.

The police say Spraggins was physically fighting with her fiancé and hurled the knives after her mother tried to intervene. They got this 911 call from her mom.

The following is the text of the 911 call:

Operator: What is your emergency?
Mother: My daughter is having a panic attack or something.
Operator: She is having a panic attack?
Mother: She is throwing knives and acting crazy. She is 18.

Spraggins was also irate that her fiancé wanted to go skating at a skate park that day.

Fortunately the knives did not hit anyone, but both the mom and the fiancé suffered both cuts and bruises from her being hit by Spraggins with her fists.

The pregnant 18-year-old is facing charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and domestic abuse charges.

If you watch the video, mom says "She's just throwing knives..." in an "it's no big deal, but" tone. They sound like a totally mature and reasonable couple. I'm so glad they've carefully weighed the option to bring a child into the world. :(



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