Friday, June 24, 2011

Get (kind of) married at the AutoWed vending machine

This adorable Moroccan/'50s Barbie convertible/Catholic church mashup thing is the AutoWed vending machine. Insert $1 and out come two plastic wedding bands (encapsuled in those plastic bubbles from your childhood), and a personalized certificate.

You can select the type of union you want: straight, gay, lesbian, or BFF. It plays a tune similar to your first-ever computer game, and prompts you to enter your names.

It's only a concept, but I think it's cute. If I saw this eye-catching machine, it would be irresistable to me.

Check out the faux-wedding:

AutoWed Wedding Machine by Concept Shed from Conceptshed on Vimeo.

The machine says at the end that if you were happy with your AutoWed service, you get a discount for 10% off AutoDivorce. Haha!

Happy weekend!

Source via Engadget

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