Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oops! Lucille Ball's wedding gown

I recently re-watched The Long, Long Trailer and realized that my previous post about Lucille Ball's wedding gown was ALL WRONG. People love to search my blog and correct things I've written, so I'm surprised that this hasn't been pointed out yet.

The photo that I previously thought was Lucille Ball's wedding portrait was actually her gown from the movie wedding of Tacy to Nicky in The Long, Long Trailer.

Her alleged wedding portrait

Another view of the same gown can be seen here.

If the disk hadn't already been sent back, I'd screencap to show you! To see proof, you'll just have to click the link.

The wedding scene in the movie was brief - most of the movie is obviously spent on the long, long trailer. The bridesmaids wore fluffy pink gowns, and Luc...excuse me TACY and Nicky look adorable.

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