Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Surprise wedding - for the bride

A guy named Shawn wanted to propose to his girlfriend Colleen in the most insane way possible - at their wedding.

He explains that over the course of several months, he asked her seemingly-innocent questions about her dream wedding while he was secretly planning their ACTUAL wedding. When he proposes, she doesn't seem that shocked about it (IMO proposals should never be a total surprise), but she is completely shocked that her bridesmaids are present, dressed, and ready to take her to get her dressed too.

Even my heart of stone is weakened by this couple. She's elated, and he is so sweet. He even went to all the trouble of bringing her entire bedroom to the ceremony site so that she would have everything necessary to get ready. That's so thoughtful.


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  1. That is excellent and so sweet of him! He's definitely a keeper!


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