Monday, August 29, 2011

Wedding crasher was a total wiener

Last week my favorite fist-wavers The Consumerist posted a story about an unusual wedding crasher.

From a Consumerist reader:
My sister got married this weekend at a church in Dewitt, NY and while we were all getting our photos taken, we saw the Oscar Meyer Wiener-mobile nearby. We waved to it and, to our surprise, it pulled into the church parking lot!

They pulled up to us, handed out wiener whistles and allowed us to take pictures in front of it. Such awesome behavior will certainly ensure that I'll be picking up a few of their products on my next trip to the store!

Yay! I strangely LOVE the Wiener-mobile. I've seen it twice. The first time was during high school summer break; I saw it rolling down the street at the beach. The second time was at the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit where I purchased several wiener whistles for...reasons.

Have a day!


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