Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cute film from 1956 - puppies get married

This clip is from a 1956 newsreel about Alexandra Williams, a champion breeder of Pekingese Dogs.

The bride wore a full ivory dress with crochet trim, a floor-length veil, and carried a tiny bouquet of silver and yellow flowers. The groom wore a black classic tuxedo with jaunty top hat.

One bridesmaid wore a blue dress, blue floral headpiece, and carried a basket of flowers, while the other bridesmaid wore a salmon pink gown and carried a bouquet.

No word on whether these poor puppies were drugged to be so docile while humans made them wear embarrassing clothes.

The video quality is impressive, right?! The clip is from British Pathe, an old-timey newsreel company that show in very high quality.


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