Monday, October 3, 2011

Angela from The Office got married

She's not real, but since I watch embarrassing amounts of Office re-runs, I was excited when Angela got married. Maybe "excited" isn't right - Angela's a stone-cold bitch. What is her problem, right?! Why is she so rude to everyone, and why would anyone groom her cat with her tongue? Gross. I guess the writers are setting Angela up for failure since The Senator - the man Angela married - is super gay. This was confirmed by Oscar and Ryan, and it blew Pam's little mind since she only knows two gay people.

Anyway, if you're an Office addict like me, you'll be interested to see these stock photographs that NBC posted on their website instead of filming a webisode devoted to Angela's wedding (humph).

This was one of the most notable summers of my life. My tabby cat Noodles had kittens. And oh yes, no big deal... I got married to the Senator!!!

I wanted to hire a planner, but Robert had so many visions for the wedding that I didn't need to! He even chose my dress from a photo he saw in Vanity Fair. [Because he is gay! Don't let it hit you in the head.]

The guest list was very high society. Everyone from Ted Brown (D-NJ) to Maria Leahy (R-MN) came. Michael Reed (R-FL) said our crostini was the best he ever had. [I'd firebomb my own wedding if politicians showed up, but status is important to Angela.]

The band was wonderful, and we had such a good time dancing to Blondie and Chaka Kahn covers at Robert's request. Everyone enjoyed it, especially his assistant.

My expensive, elegant wedding may not have suited every woman, say Pam or Phyllis, but it was perfect for me. I'm looking forward to a long, fruitful marriage.

I'm really curious to see how Angela's baby changes things. Will Angela ever discover that The Senator is gay? And will it end in divorce? Angela is so religious, it seems like she'd never allow herself to be divorced, but churchy types tend to be the most hypocritical, so maybe divorce is okay when she does it. I noticed that Angela's wardrobe was less conservative now that she's "little pregs". Is marriage changing Angela as a person?

Is it possible I'm over-thinking this television program?

Answer: No, it is not.


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