Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Goth wedding gowns

Check out these gorgeous black-and-gothy wedding gowns from Vera Wang. Is all the zombie and Twilight popularity with the normies making Goth mainstream?

It looks like gray tulle under a black gown. How depressingly romantic!

The gown on the left looks like something out of a 19th century London period-piece movie. The gown on the right is my obsession.

I love the corset/bustle style on this one. If I had to choose from these gowns, this is the one I favor the most because it has so much structure.

I wish there was more detail - the mermaid style with fluffy stuff is so gorgeous!

These dresses make me miss the funny dancing at the Goth/Industrial clubs back in the good old days. Can't you just see these girls stomping it out on the dancefloor - eyeliner running and cigarette dangling from hand? HAHA.



  1. it's funny, because women always talk about how they imagine their wedding dress. as a girl who grew up haaaaaaaating dresses and never wearing white this is not something I ever even realized people think about. yay for some dress diversity!

  2. jenny, i'm with you! yay, dress diversity.


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