Friday, November 11, 2011

Interesting date creates dearth of good wedding stories

Between K.Kardashian, the 11/11/11 wedding date FREAK OUT, and Twilight, all the wedding stories are well-covered. What do you want from me?

Oh, right, weird stuff. Okay, here's some stuff from the past:

Everyone loves/d Steve Jobs, but who likes Bill Gates? ME. The man's a philanthropist. He's the Princess Diana of the tech world, y/y? (HAHA. Don't write me hate mail)

Unfortunately, wedding photos of Bill and Melinda Gates seem to be under lock and key, so here's a fun fact about their engagement:

Bill proposed marriage to Melinda in 1993 when he "secretly diverted a chartered plane they were taking home from Palm Springs one Sunday night to land in Omaha. Warren Buffett met them there, arranged to have a jewelry store open, and helped them pick a ring."

It sounds surreal to me, but they probably just called it Tuesday.

Here they are, healing babbies with their hands.

Henry Rollins officiated a wedding ceremony (off an iPad; sorry Bill!) at the Austin, TX Fun Fun Fun Fest:

He was probably saying important things, but I just like to look at him. Oh, Hank.

No post is complete without a funny picture. In July, a man was arrested after running onto the field during a baseball game. He was wearing a wedding dress.

Here's the happy-ish couple.

Good luck to all you 11-11-11 brides! Next year, good luck getting a dinner reservation at the nice restaurant in town.


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