Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Zuckerberg got hitched

Who gives a shit about the boring founder of a social networking site? Obviously someone does because an incredibly boring movie was made about him. I don’t even care enough to even click the links that come up in my RSS feed screaming about Facebook’s founder getting married. It’s so zzz…zzz…sorry, what?

This morning, I overcame boredom, and clicked the link. This is the photo that captured my attention:


OHMAIGAH LOOK AT THAT DOG!!!!! It’s flipping adorable. His name is Beast, and he’s the cutest, cuddliest thing ever. Beast has his own Facebook page, and I’m pleased to see that Zuckerberg and his wife don’t refer to themselves as the dog’s Mommy and Daddy! because that is creepy and annoying.

Anyway, here’s the couple getting married:


Her name is Priscilla Chan, and she’s a lot better looking than he is. Also, I like her dress.


The wedding was a surprise for guests, who thought they were going to a graduation party for Priscizzzzz…zzzzz….

Sorry, what? Oh! Lookit! Pictures of dogs!

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