Monday, July 20, 2009

Don't call your customers whores

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Okay, brides can be a little testy when it comes to working with vendors. Each thing they order for their wedding has an immense sense of importance because - Don't Forget! - It's my wedding! HOWEVER it is never a good idea to call your customer a whore.

From The Consumerist
The only thing crazier than people involved with wedding planning are people in the scrapbooking supply industry, it seems. Weddingbee reports that an online craft supply store called Urban Expressions (not to be confused with the handbag company) completely lost it when an angry customer wrote in asking why they had neither shipped the item she'd bought nor specified otherwise as promised. Their response makes us understand why they chose the name "Urban Expressions" for their store.

Irritated that the craft punch she'd ordered hadn't arrived, the customer wrote the following email:

I ordered this over a week ago and it still has not been shipped!! Your shipping policy states that most items will be shipped within 48 hours unless otherwise specified - you guys did not specify otherwise! When will this item be shipped out?? I would like some kind of compensation for the delay. Sincerely, *****

In the "comments" on the cancellation notice—the customer didn't ask to cancel the order, by the way—the company writes,

"hows that for compensation. drop your fucking attitude bitch. now no product.. whore."

The customer email sounds a little frustrated, but not overtly rude. And that is why I never started scrapbooking. I went into a scrapbooking store once for some glue and it was frightening - worse than one of those trunk sales at the bridal gown shop, or any other negative stereotype that could be attributed to bargain-hunting females. Never again.


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