Thursday, July 16, 2009

Imaginary husbands

I am married, and I love my husband, but if I weren't married to him and I could marry a fictional character from the last few years of movies and tv, these would be my choices:

#4 Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean

+ He's really, really hot
- He marauds and embezzles, he even hijacks, he drinks up (a LOT) me hearties, yo ho.
♥ Our wedding day would use lots of jewel tone colors and the decoration would be very bohemian.

#3 Chuck from Chuck

+ He's cute and awkward, really good sense of humor - mostly self-deprecating.
- He still lives with his sister, and he works a time-consuming job for the government
♥ We would definitely have a Mario Cake and all the attendants would wear Chuck Taylors.

#2 Ned the Piemaker from Pushing Daisies

+ He's loyal, he owns his own business making amazing pies, he can bring people back from the dead
- He can also kill people with his magic finger, he's not very assertive
♥ Our wedding would be whimsical and colorful; we'd have a multi-tiered pie instead of cake.

#1 Jim Halpert from the Office

+ He's adorable, he shows initiative (sometimes), and he's really funny
- He won't quit his dead-end job, he wastes a lot of time tormenting his co-workers
♥ Jim's personality seems best-suited for a laid-back reception in the park. I'd wear a JCrew dress.

So, who would you choose for your imaginary husband or wife?



  1. You forgot Bruno...

    + Fashionable!
    + Worldly!

    - Homo

  2. i <3 ned the piemaker! SOOOOOO MUCH

    also, the Roy from the IT Crowd
    +has a job
    +knows more than me about computers
    +Irish accent
    +excellent tshirt collection

    -crush on boss
    -Moss would come over a lot and be weird

  3. Jenny - I've never seen that show. I will check it out.

    I'm glad to know there are other Pushing Daisies fans out there. That show was so good :,(


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