Friday, July 17, 2009

Stephen Hawking - wedding photos

Stephen Hawking is a British theoretical physicist who has lived with ALS (also Lou Gehrig's Disease) for most of his life. You've probably heard some of the scandal about his personal life - marrying a nurse, living with an abusive wife, and being photographed with bikini girls. Ever wondered about his wedding day(s)? I hadn't until I saw this photo on Reddit.

Thanks, The Blog of Record

Does anyone else see what I see? Stephen Hawking, on top of being brilliant, is attractive. I love the shaggy haircut and the thick-framed nerd glasses! My geeky heart is swooning. He married Jane Wilde in July of 1965 and they had 3 children together. She looks really cute with her flip hair do and short, puffy veil. I love the trailing bouquet. I still can't get over how cute Stephen Hawking is.

He and Jane divorced in 1995, and later that year he married his nurse Elaine Mason. There were a lot of rumors about her mental and phyical abuse of Hawking throughout their marriage. In 2006 divorce papers were filed, but it hasn't been finalized yet.

No comment on her. Okay, maybe a three word comment - Camilla Parker Bowles.


Wikipedia, you disappoint me! Why does IMDB have more information about Stephen Hawking's marriages than you do!?


  1. Aw, he was cute! Poor Stephen Hawking, I can't believe that Camilla-esque woman abused him. :(

  2. Theodora - I agree. It's really difficult to see any humanity in a woman who could abuse her disabled husband.



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