Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Big Phat Greek Wedding

Poor Yanna Elfes. She had the wedding of her dreams, and then pictures spread like wildfire over the internet. People's comments were less than complimentary. Says Yanna "It's sad that someone can stoop that low to actually do that. Like, why would someone want to trash someone else's wedding day?" Her wedding was crazy extravagant, so I can see why people would immediately be drawn to the photos, but I think her wedding looks hot! She's clearly put a lot of work into her pink and black theme and I don't see one bored face in the crowd.

The bride and groom and FIREWORKS!

The reception room. It looks a little like a sexy Halloween party.

Yanna seems bummed that people are mocking her wedding, but I think she did a good job because she did it her way. Why would a young woman plan a quiet, intimate wedding when that is not her personality?

The girl has the legs to pull off a mini-up-front/bride-in-the-back look. In the pictures the bridesmaids are always smiling, and the groom looks pretty happy. While the wedding does seem like quite the production, it doesn't look like she's enslaving her family in a bridezilla way.

Yanna, if you're reading this, I think your wedding day looked like a lot of fun!


Thanks to J for the link!

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