Thursday, July 2, 2009

Now It's Time To Leave the Capsule If You Dare...

Awesome wedding alert!!!

Noah Fulmore and Erin Finnegan yesterday became the first people on the planet to tie the knot while weightless.

"I just got married in zero gravity," a thrilled Fulmore, 31, said after marrying his girlfriend of seven years.

The couple took off from Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral with a small group of friends and photographers. They were in an aircraft owned by the Zero Gravity Corp. - the only federally approved provider of commercial weightless flights.

...Finnegan wore a multilayered white gown and
Fulmore donned a tuxedo with tapered tails so his coat didn't float up, up and away.

They look so happy! The groom particularly looks ecstatic. They all seem to have gray booties/socks on their feet, so I'm guessing that the socks are required for flight. But I'm sure the bride was more concerned about her dress flying away than her gray socks not matching her carefully chosen dress!


Read more about this couple.

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