Friday, July 31, 2009

My bloody valentine

Halloween is on a Saturday this year. Even though superstitious folks say Saturday is the worst day to get married (apparently Monday is the luckiest day for nuptials). I know two couples of the spooky persuasion who should have weddings this year but won’t, so I will plan my own spooky wedding in my head.

I know I said this blog wouldn’t be about planning, but allow me this one thing, please.

An engagement photo session at Disneyland somewhere in New Orleans square. I was so happy to find this picture, because this is my favorite hidden spot in the park. New Orleans square isn’t overtly spooky, but it fits in so well with the spooky style.

Screencap taken from southern california wedding photographer (aka my wedding photographer!) Jessica Verma

Halloween save the date magnets Halloween is a fun holiday, so I’d definitely want to give guests advanced notice to make sure they didn't make plans for another party:

Halloween save the date magnets
I like the simple spider design. These say “get your costume ready” I would probably ask guests to wear costumes to my wedding. And I could use a photo from my engagement session. How fun!!!

Location – the Queen Mary.

From goodkol
The Queen Mary is historic and creepy and it has a beautiful view of Long Beach. It’s also a hotel so if any guests got a little too “spirited” they could stumble back to their hotel room instead of driving. I strongly considered getting married on the Queen Mary, but ultimately decided on a different location. What could have been!

The invitations

Halloween Invitations from Elegant Handmade Creations
The font isn’t appropriate for my fantasy spooky wedding, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bat-wing folder. I would probably use a cream paper inside instead of orange with a script black font.

The dress
I would wear a blood red dress at my spooky wedding. I know people have strong feelings against butt bows, but I like them. I found this red gown inspired by Moulin Rouge and I actually think I might need to get married again just so I can wear it.

I am so in love with this butt bow!!!

From Etsy user Deconstructress

The Groom
Of course, my groom can wear anything he wants, but he’d look great in a morningsuit – similar to the one worn by Vincent in Corpse Bride.

The centerpieces
I love Martha’s glittered pumpkins. I’d do them in black, orange and red

And combine them with these cute candlesticks. Except I think I’d do orange and red roses and have little bats flying around the arrangements instead of the berries.

The cake
I know that you’re assuming I’d have a Nightmare Before Christmas wedding cake, and you’d be right. (I’d actually really like a Chernabog cake, but he’s obscure and not very romantic. He was supposedly based on Bela Lugosi’s movements, so it makes sense that I’d like it) There are so many great cakes to choose from, but I would pick one like this:

Great job, Marcus_Gonzalez!

First song would obviously be Lovesong by the Cure. Especially given Robert Smith’s long-lasting marriage.
Not allowed to embed, but here’s the link

The guests
Well, okay, I probably wouldn’t really ask my guests to come in costume because honestly I’m a complete snob when it comes to Halloween costumes. I don’t like those cheap nylon and foam jobs from the costume store. In an ideal world, for my ideal wedding, my guests would come in full zombie makeup and be really excited about wearing it with their nicest dresses and suits. I would wear zombie make up, fake blood, and a dress to a wedding in a heartbeat!

From danhollisterduck

Thank you so much for indulging me in my spooky wedding fantasy. In real life I would be obsessing right now about pumpkins clashing with the nautical decor of the Queen Mary, so I’m really thankful to not have to plan a wedding again.

And that concludes the week of gothiness on Blogger of the Bride. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Today's the 31st - only three months until Halloween, and two months until I start preparing!

-Kay ^v^

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