Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Spooky celebrity wedding – That guy and Dita Von Teese

Okay, cut me a break on this one. Marilyn Manson may not be the best or most authentic musician, but he married a beautiful girl in a beautiful place. I don’t like him, but I LOVE his wedding. It is gorgeous and everything about it screams extravagant spooky wedding.

First – the location

"Manson" and Dita Von Teese were married in a castle in Ireland that belongs to spooky/disturbing painter Gottfried Helnwein.

Second – The couple

This picture is so gorgeous – it looks like a demented painting. The dress is purple, but it really looks like a deep blue here. Her porcelain skin looks so striking against the dress.


In this picture you can see how iridescent the fabric is and the purple really comes alive. If Prince wore a wedding gown, this is the one he’d choose. I’ve seen her on some "worst celebrity wedding dress lists" and I don’t get it. Even if you don’t like the color, the style is amazing. But I really don’t like the hat - it seems silly and unnecessary with such voluminous dress. I’m confused by the red roses – I feel that they clash with the purple.

Overall, it looks like a beautiful day and I can’t imagine how much effort went in to the meticulous spooky theme. A commenter a few weeks ago said that she doesn’t like “stage production weddings…because it's a play you already know the ending to” In this case, a stage production wedding is a definite indicator – the two had an ugly divorce only one year after the wedding.

Visit this link to see the Vogue spotlight of their wedding. See pictures of their reception, at-home wedding, wedding invitations, and more of Dita’s gorgeous vintage style dresses.




  1. Ugh, MM never deserved her. She looked awesome. I LOVE that dress, and I love where they got married! Unfortunately, if I ever get married, I DO plan to have a stage production wedding! Hopefully it won't end in a MM/Dita style divorce!!!

  2. She is very pretty!

    So you're going to make all of your guests fly to a foreign country, changes clothes 5 times, and yell at your bridesmaids?!!


  3. The foreign country is a possibility! I won't yell or make anyone change clothes though. But I do want to get married in a castle, or perhaps a pirate ship. On Halloween.



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