Thursday, July 30, 2009

Weddings and evil spirits

Every current wedding custom started in a simpler time, and it seems like a lot of them were created to avoid evil spirits. Here are a few…

credit Dan4th

The bridal bouquet
The bouquet held by a bride during the wedding ceremony was traditionally a bunch of herbs. The herbs had a strong aroma that would ward off evil spirits.

Bridesmaid dresses
Bridesmaids traditionally dressed alike and dressed like the bride because looking the same would confuse and deter any evil spirits looking to harm the bride on her big day.

Bells are a common wedding cliché – I hear bells, wedding bells are ringing, etc. In Ireland bells were traditionally given as wedding gifts because the loud sound would scare away the evil spirits.

Carrying the bride over the threshold
Brides are so prone to evil spirits and superstition that they aren't even allowed to walk. One superstition said if a bride tripped into her new home, her marriage would fall on bad luck. The tradition of carrying the bride over the threshold ensures that the evil spirits stay away.



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