Thursday, August 13, 2009

David Bowie and Iman get married

How many people are as gorgeous together as Iman and David Bowie?

The two had a ceremony and reception in Florence, Italy on June 6, 1992 in front of their friends and family, and a handful of other celebrities. They were wed earlier in Switzerland, but this was their big day.

There was a 50 minute ceremony at a church (I love them, but honestly, 50 minutes of ceremony!?) and then they left for a hotel reception with dinner, dancing, and watching fireworks from the hotel terrace.

Iman was born in Somalia, so her family wore traditional African dress to the event. It makes for wonderfully colorful wedding pictures:

Do I even need to comment that they look fabulous? There is some nineties style going on that dates the photos, but they are beautiful people. The huge white lilies are so elegant looking, and I love that her halter dress echoes in reverse the plunging V of his coat. They don't look so cozy in this picture because she's modeling in up instead of snuggling with her new husband, but they still look great.

David Bowie and Iman are still married and presumed devistatingly attractive.


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  1. as a person who has attended mainly religious (and catholic at that) ceremonies, 50 mins is NOTHING.

    also, how skinny is iman? i mean consider david bowie is like, the skinniest man ever. phew she must be tiiiiiny.

    i love that they released a family photo--it's so NORMAL. most celebs sort of hide that.

  2. Long ceremonies are not for me. Get married, and let's party!

    Yeah, she's really thin. But she doesn't look skeletal and starving like so many models do, just really, really tiny.

    The family photo is my favorite too! I like mom sitting in the chair, and the two youthful nieces hamming it up in the corner, and I like how the family is all mixed up. There's no separation between families, they're all jumbled up and happy.


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