Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Doves trapped in a park after a wedding

I HATE when people use animals for their wedding. HATE. I am using the word HATE. It's selfish. I don't like dove releases at weddings, and I don't like people using fish in their centerpieces. Again, SELFISH.

More than two dozen doves apparently released during a wedding were left clinging to life in a New York City park. A couple discovered the albino ringneck doves in Flushing Meadow Park in Queens over the weekend.

Rita McMahon of the Wild Bird Fund says such birds shouldn't be released. She says they usually haven't flown, are vulnerable to predators, don't know how to find food and can starve. Volunteers rescued some birds. City animal welfare workers also plan to check on them.

James Theurer, a Staten Island bird handler, says there are unscrupulous businessmen who buy doves at pet stores and release them at weddings. Theurer says wedding birds should be homing pigeons that are trained to return to their coops. That's what his business uses.
Those poor birds! I hope someone is punished for this.

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