Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Not THAT viral wedding video

By now, I'm sure you've seen that viral wedding video that's been going around the tubes. Even my dad sent that one to me. It was cute, but this is more my speed:

I love these people! They do the sprinkler! And the groom faux butt slaps his bride in front of Grandma and everyone else.

From your favorite LA face with an Oakland booty,



  1. This is awesome! I like how the thrusts in the general direction of her butt during the "I get SPRUNG!" line. Very nice. I also appreciate any couple who chooses a first song for their wedding that includes the phrase, "Me so horny." Haha!

  2. this is my favorite one too. first because of her shock disappointment at the record scratch. this couple does not look fun at the beginning--i mean the whole beigeness of them made me be like, "oh yawn uppity rich people." Perhaps it's that she sort of reminds me of Jessica Simpson?

    I find her ability to do back bends in her wedding dress & shoes most impressive.

    I think Baby Got Back is the Uptown Girl of its decade/coast.


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