Thursday, August 27, 2009

Otaku/Geek Wedding!!!

Someone sent me this link with the commentary Getting married under a 60 ft. robot = win.

I totally agree! Japanese culture + wedding + giant freaking robot = today's otaku wedding

The article doesn't specify their names, but this bride and groom beat over 500 other contestants to have the geek wedding of their dreams. Thousands of people turned up to watch these two Gundam fanatics get married.

Here's the happy family. The couple has two children and a baby named Seira (the article says this is a name from Gundam, but a Google search brings up Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure)

Here is is! The giant robot! You can just make out the fluffy white gown between his giant robot feet. His left shoulder announces that Japan is a potential city for the 2016 Olympics, but he was built to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise.


This has exploded all over the internet, so I'm sure more details will be out soon. I'd love to see the invitations, reception, and more details about the couple. Congrats to them!


I usually do a vintage celebrity wedding or a celebrity wedding on Thursday, but I've got something cooking that will quench your black and white wedding photo needs. Stay tuned!

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