Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pet Shop Boys incite violence at wedding

A DJ hired to spin at a Bedouin wedding in [Israel] was beaten up for playing Western music. Some guests apparently felt the tunes encouraged lewdness in the women, according to a report in Monday’s edition of the Maariv daily. The DJ initially put on Arabic numbers for the hundreds of guests attending the event in Aroer village in Israel’s Negev Desert region.

He then decided to stir things up and put on a song by the British electronic music duo the, causing some women to “dance exuberantly to the foreign music,” the paper said, and angering some of the men.

“The fact that women were dancing at the wedding goes against tradition and is a dishonor to their husbands,” the paper quoted one guest as saying. Several angry young men gave the DJ a “severe beating” after he refused to go back to playing Arabic music. Police later arrested two men in connection with the incident.

The DJ was later heard asking "What have I done to deserve this?" It really seems like he could have predicted the outcome to playing Western music in a strictly religious wedding. If he was intentionally trying to incite them, the Pet Shop Boys were the perfect choice, if you know what I mean...


Just to clarify, in NO WAY am I implying that the DJ deserved a beating. Last I checked physical violence is forbidden in most religions, so these people should practice what they preach.

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