Thursday, September 3, 2009

Liz Hurley's multi-cultural wedding

I don't really know much about Liz Hurley, but I do know that she's a lovely lady and she had a fabulously cross-cultural wedding.

Liz Hurley married Arun Nayar, a wealthy businessman from India. The two had a multi-day celebration in March of 2007.

Their first wedding took place in England at Sudeley Castle in Winchcombe. They had an Anglican ceremony with 300 guests on March 3, 2007.

I lovelovelove this fluffy dress of hers. She looks beautiful, as always. He is handsome, but as I always say, the grooms have it easy.

Guests enjoyed a medieval-style banquet feast before boarding a plane and heading to India for a multi-day celebration. The Indian celebration took place in Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur.

There were white horses, walkways lined in millions of red chili peppers and a week of endless parties for 200 or so friends and family who danced and ate and one night slept outside under tents.

This picture's not great, but she looks very dramatic in her pink sari and heavy eye makeup. It's nice to see the groom in something different - this is a very complex outfit.

The two had a Hindu wedding ceremony on March 9th surrounded by a sacred fire and chanting Hindu priests.

Sounds like fun, but also very exhausting. More than a week of wedding celebrations? I can't imagine having to buy 7-10 different dresses for a friend's wedding.


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