Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Traditional Bridal garb

The last two days, I've written about different wedding traditions. One similarity to almost all customs is the bride's ornate dress. Here are some interesting and beautiful wedding gowns for brides from around the world

This is a Sari, worn in India

An AiDai from Vietnam

It's not a dress, but some Swedish Brides wear something like this; a Wedding Crown

This is a traditional African gown called Ashoke Buba

This is a cheongsam, worn by some brides in China.

These photos are making me wish (again) that I hadn't chosen a white gown for my own wedding. I love the vibrant colors, and I much prefer the bold, look-at-me attitude of the multi-hued gowns to the demure, virginal white dresses favored in America.


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