Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lighten up, Bridezilla

"Some people think the world revolves around me and they have illusions of grandeur. It has to be absolutely perfect. They want at $10,000 wedding for $50," Rev. Faires said. "I should have proofread it before I said it but I didn't and it's regretful but when it happened before, people just laughed about it,"

The Ryders have no plans to sue or ask for a refund. They just want people to know about their experience with Anywhere Wedding Ceremonies of Hazelwood.

"We felt our wedding was a train wreck," Brandi said.

Train wreck - such strong words for a small error during an $80 wedding ceremony. I realize that names are very important, but I would have laughed and moved on. I don't understand the bridezilla call of "It's my wedding!!!" Yes, it's your wedding, but mistakes still happen. I think it's especially odd that they don't want their money back, and they aren't satisfied with the apology, they just want to complain to the entire world.


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