Wednesday, October 21, 2009

With this Ring Pop, I thee wed

The Ring Pops may never be abandoned, but they have been replaced – in a big way.

Shortly after Michelle Kumler and Gordon Schwarz made headlines by using Ring Pops instead of wedding bands during their wedding ceremony at the East Pasco Government Center, the newlyweds received a message from Winnie Magnon-Marvel, owner of Alvin Magnon Jewelers in Tampa.

Magnon-Marvel said she thought it would be "a cool idea" to give the couple real rings. And not just any rings: a pair of platinum wedding bands valued at $2,500.

This morning, the Schwarzes, who married on Sept. 28, received the rings at the jewelry store on South Dale Mabry Highway. Magnon-Marvel also made them a cake out of cupcakes and had a chilled bottle of champagne waiting.

"Just because you didn't have a ring, doesn't mean you didn't want one," she said to Michelle Schwarz.

As the couple admired the precious metal on their fingers, Gordon quipped that he celebrated his wedding day by mowing the yard. After leaving the jewelry store today, he planned to pressure wash their house.

"Platinum can take a beating," Magnon-Marvel said. "It's a tough metal. It can stay on at all times."

The Schwarzes, who elected to use Ring Pops because of recession-related money woes, didn't look like they were about to take their rings off. Gordon Schwarz, 49, works at Ukelele's restaurant in Land O' Lakes. He delivered stucco for a local construction company until he was laid off.

Michelle Schwarz, 47, a hair stylist at Euro Concepts Salon in Land O' Lakes, is known for giving away the lollipops on a ring to her clients. She said the couple will keep the Ring Pops they were married with in their freezer.

In case the power goes out, she said, "We might need to get a generator."

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  1. Keep in mind that platinum is expensive, but is naturally white and does not lose mass over time (so you can have a platinum ring refinished over and over). Platinum is worth the investment.


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