Thursday, November 19, 2009

Disney Princess dresses

Hot off of some old press releases, here are the Disney Princess inspired gowns to go with yesterday's wedding rings. I know these dresses are just supposed to be inspired by the cartoons, but they could at least pretend like they watched these movies before making the designs. These gowns are really nice, but clearly not Disney inspired, just Disney branded. (Like Krusty-brand eyewash)

Ariel - this looks nothing like the dress that Ariel wore at her wedding. I remember Ariel's gown having a very full skirt. Also, Ariel was fifteen. Why the hell was she getting married? If Ariel was going to inspire a gown, I think it should be a fit-and-flare gown with a sweetheart neckline that's reminiscent of Ariel as a mermaid.

Belle - I strongly remember Belle's beautiful yellow gown from Beauty and the Beast, and it looked nothing like this. It was more like a corset with a frosted cake at the bottom. I loved that dress.

Cinderella - I can kind of see this one being inspired by Cinderella. Cinderella's gown did have straps or cap sleeves and she had those two panels on her hips and a full skirt. I'm willing to play along with this gown.

Giselle - This one is inspired by Enchanted. Neither dress that I remember from the movie looks anything like this one. The first one had giant, puffy sleeves, and the other had small, puffy cap sleeves with an empire waist. Those dresses were even on an actual human! How could they not at least kind of make it look like the dresses from the movie?!

Jasmine - Just, no. I don't know much about fashion, but isn't this more of a Grecian gown?

Sleeping Beauty - this dress is the winner. I wouldn't wear it, but I think it's the one that most looks like the movie dress. Princess Aurora had a full skirt, two seams up the bodice, and sleeves on her off-the-shoulder gown. To me, this dress is an embroidery nightmare, but it really does look princessy, and I'm sure a real girl could pull this off if she could get the dress out of the Windows XP backdrop.

Snow White - This one is a big fat fail. It looks nothing like Snow White's gown. Adding to that, it's boring and generic.

Tiana from the unreleased movie. I like the bodice, but it's really obvious from all that material under the model's arm that it doesn't fit very well.

Overall, I'm not a fan of these dresses. Mostly it seems like they borrowed from popular wedding gowns and then stamped a name on them. I can't see a Snow White lover buying a dress just to get the name "Snow White" on the tag.


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  1. As a Disney fan, I had to comment.

    Giselle did wear sleeker styles as the movie progressed; granted, her actual wedding dress was at the beginning of the movie and it was a lot fluffier.

    The Jasmine dress is definitely something of a Greek style, and I'll even go so far as to say it's more like something Megara from Hercules would wear.

    Tiana? All wrong. They should've at least tried to duplicate the water lily design of her dress at the end of the movie.

    Belle's dress is pretty, but I agree that it should look more like the pretty yellow dress. Maybe a nice ballgown in a cream color with a full skirt and bustles, and possibly some gold beading.

    My favorite was definitely the Cinderella gown. I loved the cap sleeves and the bustles on the skirt. Absolutely charming.

    As for the rest of the gowns, your blog pretty much echoed my thoughts.


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