Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Disney Princess-themed wedding rings

If you're interested in wearing overpriced jewellery that was loosely modeled from Disney princesses, you'll like these rings. I don't like big honkin' engagement rings, so they're not for me, but I love most things Disney, so I'm interested in at least looking at them. This is the collection of Disney princess-inspired rings. There are bands and engagement rings ranging from $1800 - $5000.

Snow White - I'm not sure how round diamonds mean Snow White? I thought maybe there would be seven stones to represent the Seven Dwarfs, but it's just a bunch of round diamonds.

Sleeping Beauty - again, how do square diamonds represent Princess Aurora? I guess I vaguely recall some sort of royal shield, but I most remember the fairies that raised her and her color-changing dress.

Jasmine - I think this ring is slightly more successful since the angular design is probably based on the middle eastern fondness for patterns rather than nature-inspired designs, but Princess Jasmine had a large oval on her tiara, so...?

Cinderella - everyone knows that washwomen don't wear diamonds. What do the two side stones represent? Anastasia and Drizella? A life-long memory of her two evil step-sisters, and a stone for every floor Cinderella scrubbed in their castle. Uninteresting side note: I asked my mom to make me a Lady Tremaine costume for Halloween one year and I ended up with a witch costume. Curse my love for obscure villains!

Cinderella Band - eh. It's just a band.

Belle - it's just a very simple three-stone ring. There must be more than this provincial ring to prove some tie to Belle?

Belle band

Ariel - First, can we talk for a minute? I liked the Little Mermaid. It was one of the better Disney movies of my childhood. The music was fun, I love sea life, and Eric was one of the better looking princes, but it all went to hell when my grade school BFF wanted to watch The Little Mermaid every day after school. Sometimes, we watched it twice. It seemed to be the only movie that her family owned on VHS, so we always watched that stupid tape. I begged her to do anything but watch the Little Mermaid again, but she refused, so now I can't stand that flame-haired brat. Sigh. I feel so much better. Thanks for listening.
Ahem, Ariel - I think this is one of the better rings. I can kind of see the round stones on the side being air bubbles and then the square stones transition to the center stone that kind of looks like that rock that Ariel washed up on. I know it's a stretch, but I really can see it.

Ariel band - it's plain, but it would go nicely with the Ariel ring.

But where is my favorite princess, Mulan? Oh, that's right, Mulan isn't a princess, she's an ass-kicking warrior. She had a pet dragon before he left to live with her ancestors, amazing sword skills, and THE hottest boyfriend Shang. Even though his singing voice was Donny Osmond, I still loved him.

Kay Banks

You're probably thinking "I never realized I was reading a blog written by a Mulan-lover. I will always love ________ and I can't imagine that anyone could love anyone other than her!" Let's still be friends, okay? I like that princess too, she's just not my favorite.


  1. Hey, I found your blog on google by searching "Little Mermaid Engagement" and I laughed when you expressed how you can't stand Ariel because your BFF made you watch it to many times. I feel your pain.

    When I was younger, there was a special needs kid in my daycare and he would freak out (like, scream and bite and punch holes in the lady's wall) if he couldn't watch The Lion King every day at exactly 1:05pm. So as a result I (and about 4 other kids) were stuck watching it every day- sometimes twice if his mom picked him up late- for about two and a half years before going off to kindergarten. As a result, I despise The Lion King.

    P.S: Mulan was my close second favorite ;)

  2. Dear Kay, Im a desperate man in need of help. The snow white ring is perfect for the woman i love. I was wandering if you could help direct me in the right path. I really want to get her that ring. My only problem is i cant find who carries these rings and i dont know the price. I live in owensboro ky and stores here bite big time. Can you please help me?


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