Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Awkward parents of the bride

This photo from Awkward Family Photos has been floating around for ages, and I haven't posted it, even though it always makes me laugh.

Maybe it's funnier for me because I totally identify with this bride. I, too, am hapa, I look like my dad, and I make that same face. I have no idea what the dad is trying to relate to the person behind the camera, but if he's anything like my dad it's "Hey! I'm paying a lot for this, go do what I want you to do, but I'm not going to explain what I want! GO!" I can't tell if the mom is shushing him, or if she's also yelling at this annoying/disgusting person behind the camera. I just know that this photo is hilarious, and I totally want to hang out with these people at a family function. I'll bet they're loud and fun.


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