Monday, November 16, 2009

New wedding game for the Nintendo DS

I haven't played my DS since I finally gave up on my Animal Crossing town, Bellview. It was a beautiful town with lots of flowers, and trees...except for that one stupid koala who would never move. I tried hitting her with my net, I tried being rude to her and telling her that her outfit looked ugly, but she would never, ever move! Maybe I could reconnect with my DS by playing the new game Wedding Dash.

The description is funny and painfully true: Help Quinn, a hopeful wedding planner, make wedding bells ring! Featuring the hilarious ups and downs of wedding day drama... Help couples select all the details - from tasty cakes to gorgeous flowers. But once they've tied the knot, look out for obstacles preventing the perfect party - tipsy guests, falling cakes, and catty bridesmaids are just the beginning. Its' a fast paced challenge to execute a flawless event, but for the determined Quinn, it's all in a day's work!

I always like stressful games like this - it doesn't matter how silly the task is, I will concentrate to the point where I'm holding my breath. Priced at only $20, I'm considering buying this game. It sounds like nerve-wracking fun.

Happy Monday,

Kay Banks

p.s. Whenever I hear about girls named Quinn, I hear the squeaky voice of Daria's sister "Duh, Dariaaaaaaaaa" The character even kind of looks like her with the red hair and bangs. But is she wearing leggings or stretch pants? Just keep breathing, they're leggings, leggings!

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