Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nice work, Zsa-Zsa

Continuing the week of snark...

A bride spent her wedding night in a Spanish jail cell after slapping a cop who was breaking up a fight between guests, according to police. The bust-up happened as the bride and groom were leaving their reception in the resort town of Salou, 90 miles southwest of Barcelona Tuesday.

At least 30 guests were still partying in the hotel when members of the bride's family and relatives of the groom started fighting. Hotel owners called cops after hearing shouts, and as officers attempted to separate the two sides, the bride grabbed one police officer by the neck and slapped him.

She was arrested and detained for several hours, but she was released in the morning so the newlyweds could begin their honeymoon.

A fight broke out, and then the bride slapped a cop? She didn't just slap him, actually, it sounds more like a wrestling move. I have a feeling that they were drinking all night. Alcohol or not, most people know that they shouldn't hit police officers. I have a feeling this bride had some underlying issues before she became a bridezilla.

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