Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vince Vaughn says what we're all thinking

I'm still not feeling that great, so I'm going to do an entire week of snark. It fits my mood.

Vince Vaughn may be ready to settle down with girlfriend Kyla Weber, but that doesn't mean he's gone all Hollywood with his wedding planning. The Couples Retreat star told BANG Showbiz he wants a small, intimate marriage ceremony because he is suspicious of the grand, extravagant weddings of other celebrity couples.

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"I've seen these huge weddings on cliff-tops and it's unclear what goes through these people's minds," he said. In fact, Vaughn speculated that some people may be going overboard with the wedding planning because they believe it will help prevent them from divorcing. "[But] inevitably they do," he added, according to Britain's Daily Star. Vaughn revealed that his own nuptials will be a small event with family and friends.

In an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this month, Vaughn explained how he presented Weber with an engagement ring on Valentine's Day - choosing that date in part because he knew he would never forget it. People magazine reported that the engagement ring consisted of a large diamond surrounded by other circular diamonds and was worth $125,000.

I agree with him, but that's a lot of hot air coming from a guy who spent $125K on a ring. In most states, you could buy a house with that. In California, you can buy a car that's almost an exotic.

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