Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas wedding in an airport

Accompanied by a justice of the peace, a woman wearing a wedding gown popped into a Texas airport to surprise her fiancee for an on-the-spot, impromptu wedding.

Since Robyn Moore met William Acosta during a chance meeting while he was on a business trip, their relationship has been filled with the ups and downs that come with frequent flier miles.
"(We) spent half our relationship in airports," Moore said.

Planning to marry some time this month, Moore said she thought it was more than appropriated to wed in an airport. Wearing jeans and a sweater, Acosta said he was speechless and thrilled by the surprise nuptials.

The newly wed couple posed for wedding photographs in front of the Christmas Tree located by the security desk at Corpus Christi International Airport. Acosta and Moore met last year in Dallas where she lived. They plan to take their lifetime boarding passes and move to Toledo, Ohio.

This is really sweet - I always like when couples shrug off the stereotypical wedding stuff and Just Get Married already! But why is there a cameraman behind them? If this is for a reality show, I take back every nice thing I said about them.


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