Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More wedding photos from My Parents Were Awesome

This one is the absolute cutest thing ever!

Harold and Theo (short for Theodora, I presume?) They're so damn cute! I love his uniform, and her dress is so sweet. They both have the cutest expressions on their faces and that little cake is so charming. Dianne, your parents were definitely awesome!

This one is so hilariously '70s.

Martin's parents Tom and Doris were married in the world's largest and fullest glass of Brandy ever. Look at Tom's bow tie! I mean, really, how could you miss it?

Here are Arwen's parents Doug and Lois (LOTR fans. Just a guess...)

It's hard to imagine a van like that ever looking new. The couple is certainly happy - their faces make me smile. Doug is so much taller than Lois! I wonder if Arwen is short or tall.

And finally, here are Mike's parents Dick and Robin. Those are some WIDE lapels on Dick, and I'm sure that tie would be pretty hilarious if we could see the whole thing. Both their haircuts look really modern and hip by today's standards, but I really hope those lapels never come back. Their cake looks chocolate. Mmmm...chocolate.

Do you think you'll look hilarious to your kids someday? Not me. My style is ageless and timeless because I never had any style to begin with. Wah-wah.

Until tomorrow,

Kay Banks

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