Friday, December 11, 2009

Put on your yarmulke...

Happy Hanukkah! Or is it Chanukah? Enjoy your eight craaaaazy nights and your "Holiday Candelabra" Thanks to Adam Sandler, I have a running tally of who is and is not a Jew in Hollywood. For instance: OJ Simpson...NOT A JEW. Thanks, Adam!

Adam Sandler married Jackie Titone (a model/actress) on June 22, 2003. I think you'll agree he married out of his league, but good for him.

Their ceremony was at Dick Clark's Malibu estate, and Sandler's bulldog Meatball served as ringbearer.

Meatball even wore a tux and his own little yarmulke!

The two are still married and have two children together. Hopefully those children will grow up with their mother's looks (sorry, Adam!).

And because it's seasonally appropriate, please enjoy the Neil Diamond (!) cover of the Chanukah Song.

Here's the link to the Neil Diamond song in case embedding doesn't work.


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