Thursday, January 28, 2010

Goth Russian wedding part 2

Remember this crazy/awesome goth wedding from Russia? I happened to find more pictures from their wedding day thanks to Goths in Hot Weather. Check these pictures out. They're a more artistic set than before, and I luff them!

The desaturated color is perfect for them. This angle gives you a better idea of her loooong hair and veil.

In this one you can see more of his crazy space-boots, and the shape of her dress. I love that shape!

More of her corset.

More of that hair! Or, lack of hair!

They are so cute in a scary way! If you visit the link to the girl's blog, you can also see pictures of their baby. What does teenage rebellion look like when your parents are head-shaving, face-piercing, goths? Alex P. Keaton?
Obviously these people are pretty extreme, but I love it. I don't have the boto* for it, but I'm glad someone does!

-Kay Banks
Yeah, I said boto. No, I'm not Filipino.

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