Friday, January 29, 2010

when blogs collide...

Check out this picture from FAIL blog:

Everyone has their part in the wedding airbrushed on to their clothing. The shirt on the right says "I'm the BEST [man]" and the bride's ass says "Wifey". Oh, no. Ladies, please don't let other people spray paint stuff on your butt. It looks like the groom is airbrushed from head to toe - I see writing on his hat, shirt, and jeans.

Maybe I'm just being judgemental because I'm getting OLD(er) and I don't understand youth today...what do the kids think?

From Texts from Last Night:
(402): The wedding was scheduled to start 5 min. ago. 20 people here so far, groomsmen in tees and jeans, catering by Costo. NO ONE OUR AGE IS READY FOR MARRIAGE!

Happy Friday!

-Kay Banks

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