Saturday, January 30, 2010

Save the Date Magnets - Flash Moments

I ordered my Save the Date Magnets from Flash Moments. They helped me with a custom design for my magnets. I had a lot of international and out-of-town guests, so it was important for me to get them out early (of course, I lagged, and didn't get them out early, but it would have been important).

Flash Moments Save the Date Magnets
Save the Date magnets, magnet holder cards, and envelopes

I worked with someone via email - we discussed my ideas, and many emails later the design was done! It did cost more to do custom, but I was so pleased with them. I also bought their magnet holder cards to give the magnets a little extra oomph in the envelope. Some people still have our save the dates up on the fridge...four years after sending them!

Halloween Wedding Magnets
My favorite - Halloween Save the Date magnets

I don’t think that Save the Date magnets or cards are right for every wedding. If all your guests are locals, you probably don’t need to send Save the Date magnets or cards. But generally I think Save the Dates are more fun than wedding invitations. Just don't add your gift registry - show some restraint!

Stripey magnetic save the dates!

How many times can I say magnets in one paragraph? MAGNETS!

-Kay Banks

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  1. Great post Kay! I came across your blog while I was looking online at save the dates magnets and I'm happy I did because I love reading posts like this. Thank you for sharing this with us!


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