Monday, February 1, 2010

Wedding trend - loosen up!

I almost always think people need to let loose - not just on their wedding day! This article claims that a new wedding trend is to take wacky or crazy photos that highlight a couple's individuality and interests. Here are some of their examples.

She is holding squash and one onion, he is holding three tomatoes. If this photo is supposed to be indicative of their genitals, THEY HAVE PROBLEMS.

I don't get this photo - maybe it's horror-inspired? He's coming out of the cornfield and she looks like she's poised for attack. What I do love is this girl's dress - it's beautiful! I LOVE all that business going on around her butt, and the little hat just screams Goth Queen to me.

These two are cute - they look like wealthy geeks.

Despite my disinterest in sports, this one is my favorite. I love the absurdly happy look on her face as she cradles the football, and his intense concentration as he waits for the ball.

Happy first day of February!

-Kay Banks

Of course, this "trend" has been around for a while. Just look at Trash The Dress. But it's always fun to look at more wedding pictures, right?

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  1. i have one of those "goth queen" hats but I haven't been to a wedding since I got it.


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