Monday, April 5, 2010

Juvenile engagement humor

It's a thread of responses to a blog or website post titled "Most Creative Ways to Propose"

Retyped for your viewing pleasure!

1. Joe says:
Another idea, either buy or bake a cake, decorate it very fancy. Present it to her, when she asks you what it's for, your answer will be "It's our engagement cake". Then you will grab the box with a ring on the top of the cake.

Okay, this one doesn't make much sense to me since it's based on predicting what someone will say. I mean, I love cake, but this doesn't sound very exciting.

2. Joe Mama says:
My wife and I got engaged before a trip to Cancun, I went to Taco Bell and found hot sauce packets one saying "Make A Wish" and another saying "Will You Marry Me?" I handed her the "Make A Wish" and made her close her eyes and then handed her the "Will You Marry Me" one! She loved it; we got married in September '07

Thanks for the pic

It's not my favorite, but I have always wondered if anyone has proposed with those hot sauce packets.

Here's where the troll comes in. It's stupid, but I laughed because it's SUCH a boy thing to write.

3. James Monroe says:
I am a gynecologist and first met my wife when she was one of my patients. We started going out, we fell deeply in love. After almost a year of dating, one time when she came in and I was giving her a vaginal exam, I said to her, "I've found something!" And pretended to pull the engagement ring out from her vagina. I presented it to her and asked her if she will marry me. She answered yes and we've been happily married ever since!

Is it wrong that I am so amused by this story? It's so WTF, I couldn't ignore it. Did I lose you? Hey, where are you going!?...


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