Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fish in a wedding cake? That's just wrong.

This is so wrong, for so many reasons.

First, it's just an ugly cake. Why is the coral (seaweed?) blue? I also hate the haphazard shells all over the place. Then, instead of the columns, they used champagne glasses to prop up the top tier? It's kind of a cute idea, but it's poorly executed.

What the what? Look at those sad little fish in the glasses. First, you should not use live animals as decorations. Yes, I'm probably a hypocrite in this area because I eat fish and meat, but I do not use animals for my visual pleasure (unless it's DEEP SEA on Blu-ray because that blows my mind!) because it seems like an asshole thing to do. Second, if you are going to use animals for your visual pleasure, at least make it visually pleasing. Poor Betta fish are usually the victims of the fish-for-decoration trend, but these are ten cent guppies. They're ugly. Everything is ugly.




  1. i agree this is super ugly but i totally like the idea of living fish swimming in a cake. like fish in stripper heels. i am CLASSY!

  2. my had fish in it... it was cute and looked 100 times better then that!


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