Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Barak Obama's Father-in-law wasn't sure if he'd last

Michelle Obama's father didn't think boyfriend Barack would last. He is quoted as saying

"She'll eat him alive."

The late Fraser Robinson's assessment upon meeting his daughter Michelle's new suitor, Barack Obama, back in 1989, according to first brother-in-law Craig Robinson's forthcoming memoir, reports the L.A. Times. The younger Robinson writes that his parents praised Obama as "not a bad-looking guy" but didn't figure he'd last.

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Of course, the real way to make something happen is to threaten to move to a different country! Dad should have said, Michelle, if you keep dating that guy, I'll move to Canada! Or Puerto Rico! Whatever. Don't you hate talking politics? People get so crazy. I've been in discussions and been accused of being both a Republican and a Democrat. Shuttit!


Pssst! Stay tuned for my posts tomorrow! I might have something for you! Something awesome. Something for you to win.

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